Chessmann Consulting

Residential care facilities

Cornford House, Tunbridge Wells

This 83 bed nursing home is built on a conservation area in Kent. Due to its Green Belt and conservation area location, it took five years for the owners, Graham Care, of Walton-on-Thames, to get planning permission. With an emphasis on "green features" the design of Cornford House included a passive ventilation system, individual thermal controls for every room, energy-efficient lighting, and the extensive use of natural lighting to reduce energy consumption.

The building construction incorporates sustainable materials such as a timber framed structure and cedar wood cladding for the walls.

Because it is in a conservation area, Cornford House has been designed for low visual impact and environmental sensitivity. Features include a split level design for the ground and lower ground floors, a curved roof structure and plan layout, and careful landscaping.

It replaced a 30 bed home whose facilities had become outdated. Chessmann co-ordinated the demolition of the old building and the two-phase construction of its replacement ensuring minimum disruption to residents and the operation of the care home. Residents did not need to vacate their familiar surroundings during the work. The project was completed within the two year time period set.