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Environmental Policy

Chessmann recognises that protection of the environment and the prevention of pollution is of prime importance, and essential to the successful operation of the business and the well being of future generations.

As such, every reasonably practical effort shall be made to ensure that full and careful consideration is given by the company in accessing the impact of its activities, products and services upon the environment, not only directly, but also in the wider product life cycle.

Our aim is to be pro-active in conducting the business in a safe, professional and environmentally sound manner.

Every team member is encouraged to co-operate in our aim to carry out business minimising risk to the environment, not solely due to legal obligations, but because it is in everyone's interest that we work together to achieve this end.

Through this statement, the directors and management of Chessmann affirm their commitment to implement this environmental policy and to minimise wherever possible the harmful effects of the business on the environment, and continually improve the company's environmental performance.

This policy is effectively communicated, implemented and maintained at all levels in the organisation.

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