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Training and Development Statement

Chessmann actively promote lifelong learning and constant enrichment of our team's knowledge.

We recognise that training is an integral part of the journey to the achievement of our Company objectives, and inextricably linked to client service.

Continuous development actions take place for the team. Chessmann will also assess it's investment in training to ensure that the most appropriate training/development method is being used, in order to effectively resolve training needs.

Appraisals/Performance Reviews are held formally on an annual basis, with informal evaluation taking place constantly.

Training and development is offered to all team members, in line with our Equal Opportunities Policy, and is in no way restricted in it's offering by job role, race, gender, age, hours worked or disability.

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Specialising in construction consultancy for the private residential care sector, we have a real understanding of the healthcare industry. 



Experienced in supplying services to education sector and specialist needs schools projects, we bring a suite of solutions into play.


Other Sectors

With service being delivered in the same way as our specialist areas, we provide a high quality, client centric and timely service on projects in a range of sectors.